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Relocating often involves unfamiliar territory for those moving and looking to settle into new location. Moving is stressful and time consuming with so many factors to consider, and assistance is often needed in getting everything organized. Having the reassurance of an expert advice along the way is most helpful.

Whether you are looking to move one or one hundred employees we ensure that every client is prioritized.

We are able to offer a helping hand with the entire process or just to offer extra support and advice in the areas you specifically require. Our dedicated consultants will be pleased to act on your behalf.



1) Pre-Arrival

Pre arrival telephone interview

  • We listen very closely to your brief, and develop and tailor our relocation packages accordingly. We concentrate on your priorities and individual expectations.
  • We send -an information pack of books, maps and Abdoun real estate produced guides on expatriate life in Jordan and about the country and the local culture as well.
  • Give guidance on private /international schools.
  • Make appointments at international schools.



2) Orientation Visit

After the initial meeting we will take new arrival on an area tour of neighborhoods that will be of his or her particular interests.

  • We will be able to provide information on housing costs in various areas, and view few houses /apartments so that client can see the style of properties and make further decisions in regards to desired housing type.
  • Accompanied Visits for international schools.
  • Tours of shopping areas, transportation, sports clubs, leisure facilities, restaurants and other individual interests



3) Short Term Apartment Rental

  • Locating suitable short term apartments and arrange viewings with the client if client wishes to lease apartment prior to arrival –send him /her available short term rental options, accompanied with photos, including fully serviced units as well.
  • Finalize the contract on behalf of the client or his company.
  • Oversee the transfer of rental funds and deposit.
  • Arrange the key handover.
  • Pick up of the client from the airport.
  • Provide an initial food pack, if requested.



4) Long Term Rental

We concentrate on your family and lifestyle requirements in finding you a “House” that will become your “home”

  • Accompanied viewing on selected properties that are within client’s budget and meet his requirements.
  • Negotiate of the rent and payment terms.
  • Agree on the term of the lease and its clauses.
  • Prepare the contract of lease.
  • Prepare the inventory list.
  • Oversee the transfer of the rent.
  • Arrange the key handover.
  • Assist with move in /walk through at the property.



5) Settling in Program

Our settling in program offers a designated personal consultant who is able to advise and follow up with you on important matters.

  • Accompany on a shopping trip –supermarkets, malls, furniture stores …
  • Car assistant - lease or purchase
  • Transfer of the driving license to Jordanian.
  • Health care issues (hospitals, physicians and dentists).
  • Set up of telephone /internet.
  • Establishing of bank account

We are available to assist client in any other way necessary for the successful settling in.



6) All Year around Settling in Services.

All year around designated personal consultant.

All of the above excluding driver and the car this will be included for the first 10 days only.

  • Obtaining domestic help -full or part time maid's service, or a cleaning company -depending on request.
  • Payment of the utility bills (actual bill will be paid by client but we will take it for a payment to legal authority) Home maintenance services (plumbing, electricity -24 hrs. maintenance company).
  • Provided assistance with shipping of household goods.
  •  Assistance with custom clearance.
  •  Introduction to baby -sitter’s service.
  •  Purchase of diesel oil and gas (for hot water and heating).
  •  Looking after the property and bills if the client is out of the country.
  •  Assistance with renewal of tenancy agreement if needed.
  •  Contact landlord by set date.
  •  Negotiate on behalf of the client.
  • Resolve any issues or concerns with the property condition prior to signing new lease.
  • Prepare the renewal documents.
  • As well as assisting with Notice of termination on behalf of the client.
  • Inform the landlord by giving notice of termination in writing.
  • Arrange the final inventory check out.
  • Handing over the keys.
  • Return of the deposit (if any).


7) Tailor Made for Executive Level.

  • Each executive is different and you may require some of the services which are why we take our time to understand your needs and tailor made package to suit your individual needs only .Our professional and experienced corporate relocation Consultants are on hand to assess your individual requirements and create Relocation Package to suit you and your company budget.
  • Contact relocations:
  • Name:
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Company name
  • How many people
  • Relocation date
  • Your comments /help and advise
  • Please detail the services you would require and ask any questions you may have please contact:
    Randa Marridi – Relocation Services,
    E- Mail:
    Phone: +962 795177717

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